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Our Story

As an alcohol-free advocate, the founder Paul and his AF friends found that their energy and mood would always start to wane as social events progressed, while their alcohol-drinking friends would feel the opposite.

This would often create a mental tug-of-war between FOMO and not wanting to waste the next day being hungover and remembering awkward moments.

We didn't want to just drink a soda or kombucha as it didn't feel satisfying and it would often attract the 'don't be boring' comments by the booze-faithful, as well as being full of sugar or caffeine.

Instead, we wanted something to drink that tasted, looked and felt like we were drinking a classy cocktail but that was healthy and didn't have the downsides of drinking alcohol.

Importantly, we also wanted a cocktail that contained bioactive adaptogens to help lift our mood, confidence and energy to socialise so that we could connect with our alcohol-drinking friends but on a healthier level. 

Using a scientific process, the optimum combination of healthy adaptogens was found that would give you a gentle but noticeable feeling of good energy to brighten up your soul.

Hence Elta Ego was born - expertly crafted non-alcoholic cocktails that help you connect with your elta ego, your best self.




Crafted in Aotearoa

Elta Ego cocktails are carefully crafted in Aotearoa New Zealand from all natural ingredients including fresh, local fruits such as Hawkes Bay limes. Since your body is your temple, we have banished preservatives, artificial flavours, colours and all other nasties.

Let's toast to that

With Elta Ego, you can now drink your favourite cocktails
with all of the fun and none of the unfun parts.

Try Our Cocktails

  • Mojito

    A refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail that transports you to a comfortable lounger on a tropical beach. Sunny Hawkes Bay lime juice coupled with notes of fresh mint, zesty lime peel, triple sec and Carribean rum make this a fine homage to the classic summer cocktail.

  • Raspberry and Yuzu G&T

    This sensory masterpiece makes any day feel like a Carefree Saturday with the first refreshing sip. Sweet notes of freshly picked raspberry combine with notes of citrusy yuzu, juniper berries and distinguished tonic to deliver the complexity of a classic G&T with a delicate berry twist.

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